Made in USA


Lifetime Material Warranty

“Green Gutter Screens” will be free of defects due to faulty material or manufacturing for the lifetime of the original purchaser of the “Green Gutter Screens”. This warranty assumes normal use and maintenance, normal exposure to the sun, temperature, and other natural elements, and is subject to the exceptions, limitations, disclaimers, and other terms and conditions contained in this warranty.

Exclusions to Warranty

This warranty does not cover any other damage or material failure including, but not limited to, damage caused by occurrences beyond the control of manufacturer such as the settlement of the building, use of incompatible accessories, chemical pollutants, fire, flood, lightning, windblown objects, earthquakes, hurricanes, icicles, and/or ice storms, weather of catastrophic nature as defined by the US Weather Bureau, other acts of God, international acts, unreasonable use or failure to provide reasonable maintenance, the quality of atmosphere and other local factors. Installing, adjusting or tampering with the “Green Gutter Screens” by persons unauthorized by the property owners on which the “Green Gutter Screen” has been installed will void this warranty.


We strongly recommend occasional maintenance of your screens to ensure there is no build up of debris which would block the flow of water into the gutter system.