Made in USA

Green Gutter Screens was established in 2013. Former owner, Peter Clark with his 25 years of industry experience, understood that gutter protection was an iatrical l part to the roofing system before many others would catch on. During the first couple of years Green Gutter Screens gained momentum and became the "go to " gutter guards for roofing and gutter contractors throughout the western states of America. In May of 2017, Peter sold Green Gutter Screens to David Hahne and mentored David on the intricacies of gutter protection. David, a tradesmen by nature, added new customers to the Green Gutter Screens distribution list. While doing this, David began  his contractor arm of Global Gutter Systems.

After  millions feet of gutter screens sold over the last 8 years, Green Gutter Screens is considered one of the best products in the industry. It is relied upon by over 150 roofing and gutter contractors every year, with that number continuing to grow. David has perfected the art of installing the Green Gutter Screens which allows him to provide all his customers with expert knowledge.

David is in the beginning stages of growing his brand and his business. His goal is to provide a service and product that is unmatched in a growing industry. If you decide to contact Green Gutter Screens there is good chance you will talk to David as he still takes most of the calls and handles most of the orders.