Made in USA

Green Gutter Screens Are Produced In Three Models:

Stainless Steel

GREEN SCREEN - Stainless

This is the ultimate gutter protection. Made from an aluminum substrate covered with a surgical steel mesh. The mesh has 42 holes per square inch. The 42 mesh is small enough to keep anything but water out of the gutter.

Also Available In Copper

Aluminum Gutter Screen


This is a very effective mesh screen made from black powder coated steel covered by a black coated aluminum mesh. There are 18 holes per square inch on the aluminum mesh. The mesh is small enough to keep out everything but the smallest tree debris.

Also Available In Copper

Steel Gutter Screen


This is an entry level, cost effective, black powder coated expanded steel product made with large, standard or tiny holes. We recommend the tiny hole product as these holes are small enough to keep out the majority of tree debris.

Also Available In Copper

Green Gutter Screens Are Produced In Two Styles:

Green screens are made with either a “Z” bend or “Standard” profile. The diagrams below indicate the difference between these designs. Both come with the “wave” to maximize the water flow through the screen.

Fits 4", 4 ½", 5", 6", 7", 8" & 9” Wide Gutters

“Z” bend

The “Z” Bend uses bends at both the front and back of the gutter to ensure a “snug” “compression” fit inside your gutters without affecting the roofing materials at all. This system works with any roof but is particularly effective with concrete tile, slate, and metal roofs where it is difficult to get the screen under the roofing material.

“Standard” design

The standard design has bends only at the front of the profile. This bent section locks on to the front of the gutter and the rear portion tucks under the roofing materials. This design is designated for steel products.