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What is the advantage of the “Z” bend profile?

The unique patented “Z” bend design makes the screens very easy to install. The compression fit caused by the “Z” bend means the screens are firmly locked into the gutter system without the need for any screws. The “Z” profile means your roofing materials are not disturbed. Please review the installation instructions which are on this website..

Why do you powder coat your screens?

When you install a gutter screen you want a product that is really going to last. Powder coating ensures the metal substrate will not corrode or rust. The coating gives an attractive and smooth coating over which water flows very easily. You want a top quality product and powder coating adds enormous value to your installed screen.

In what sizes are Green Screens available?

Most gutters will use a 4 ½”, 5” or 6” wide gutter screen. However, we can also manufacture Green Screens in widths up to 9” for those unique situations or commercial gutters where nothing else will work. Call us for a quote.

Can you make Green Screens in Copper?

Yes, all profiles and designs can be made in copper. Please call for a quote.

Why do you use 100% mesh?

The mesh is the material that keeps the debris out of the gutter and allows water to flow through. Having no other solid materials covering the top of the gutter maximizes water flow and ensures water will not pass over the top of the gutter.

Why the name Green Screens?

Green Screens are all made from 100% recycled materials. A truly green product! In addition any green humus and foliage waste that would flow into the storm drains or water catchment systems will be minimized.

What is the advantage of the “wave” design?

The “wave” ensures water flowing off your roof will hit the screen and pass into the gutter rather than pass over the mesh. The tops of the “wave” are touching the mesh which also stops any surface tension on the mesh causing water to flow over the top.

What makes the Green Screen expanded aluminum unique?

Green Screens are made in a unique manner causing the ”sharp or cutting” profile of the expanded aluminum to face the oncoming water. Unlike competitors where the sharp or cutting edge of the expnded aluminum is parallel to the water flow. This cutting edge consequently causes the water to flow into the gutters faster and more effectively limiting the likelihood of any water overflow.

Are Green Screens maintenance free?

Any screen requires some maintenance. If your screens build up several inches of leaves or pine needles water will not flow into the gutter. Green Screens have a self cleaning design and wind and water will clean off the top of the screen. However, an occasional broom or blower clean off may be required.

How long have Green Screens been around?

The manufacturing of Green Screens started in 2002. Since then, thousands of property owners have trusted their foliage problems to the Green Screen product. They have been proven and trusted.

How easy are Green Screens to install?

Very easy! The patented designs make Green Screens one of the easiest products to install. The “Z” bend profiles clip into the gutter without affecting the roofing materials. The standard profiles in most instances slip under the existing roofing materials very easily. Please review the installation instructions which are on this website.

Are Green Screens helpful in minimizing any fire risk?

Green Gutter Screens will stop debris filling up the gutter which becomes a fire hazard in the hot summer months.



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