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Welcome to the website for Green Gutter Screens

There are many gutter screens on the market but none of them compare to Green Gutter Screens!! For overall performance, design, pricing and choice of sizes they just can’t be beat!!

Once you have seen and used a “Green Gutter Screen” the decision is simple.

“Install a Green Screen – You’ll be glad you did”

Green Screens Have Three Models and Two Designs. Each one is extremely effective and designed to meet anyone’s budget. All models come with a powder coated substrate for added protection and strength.

Green Gutter Screens can be made to fit gutter openings ranging from 4” wide up to 9”. No one else makes a screen to cover anywhere near this range. If you have a small residential gutter or a huge commercial gutter we have a product which will fit your needs. Green Screens also can be made in copper.

The Two Designs are “Z” bend or “Standard”

The “Z” bend uses a compression fit which makes the product easy to install without affecting the existing roof. You “snap it” into the existing gutter. The “Z” bend design is particularly useful with roofs where it is difficult to install the screen under the roofing material. Good examples would be metal, slate, concrete tile, and other artificial wood shake roofs.

The “standard” product is a flat material with a front edge that attaches effectively to the front lip of any gutter. The back of the product tucks under the existing roofing material.




Stainless, Aluminum, Steel Green Gutter Screens

Our Three Models

All models have a “wave” on the powder coated substrate to improve the flow of water into the gutters.

Green Screens Stainless is the top of the line product. It comes with a gray powder coated substrate and either a very fine stainless steel mesh or a larger stainless steel mesh. The choice is yours.

Green Screens Aluminum is our middle of the road product. It has a black powder coated steel substrate and a black aluminum mesh over the top. It still uses the micro mesh technology and is priced a little more competitively than our stainless models.

Green Screens Steel is our most cost effective screen. It is made from powder coated steel with “tiny holes” in the product. It is not covered with a mesh but the “tiny holes” ensure most tree debris will be kept out of the gutter.

Green Gutter Screens are available throughout the Western States and British Columbia, Canada. We have staff covering California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and British Columbia, Canada.

Please contact us with your questions and gutter issues. We know we have a profile and product which will resolve your tree debris problem.

Thanks for visiting our website.


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